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Notre sujet

The explanation of the Logo implies an intellectual effort to understand wine; I find it fascinating to be able to taste a wine and to be able to establish a link with certain factors beforehand; let us not forget also that tasting itself is already an intellectual effort where the brain is engaged in a process of creating taste; so tasting a wine makes the brain work in its entirety; is that not the best possible maintenance for this vital organ? :-)


Your dedicated Wset training manager 
I believe that my friends will not contradict me if I say that I am a disciple of Dyonisos and a follower of Epicure; I also take great pleasure in participating in theme tasting clubs or groups where the objective is not the same; it is clear that the WSET course is less epicurean and more rigorous, which does not mean that these moments are not rewarding and allow you to gain more confidence. Moreover, humour is always welcome! 
After a master's degree in computer science at the University of Namur, I worked 10 years in computer science before moving to telecoms where for 19 years I travelled a lot, mainly in Africa, participated in many projects and met many people. With always you guess it, the wine in the backbone. And after all these meanders, my professional path eventually led to wine: after restructuring at my employer, I decided to branch off to this new destination and followed the WSET training in English up to DipWSET Level 4. Come in large numbers and I look forward to sharing with you all my experience!


The wines tasted 
We are free from any supplier; the wines tasted are chosen according to their adequacy with the objectives of the course; they are wines from international or local grape varieties, of different qualities and prices; they can come from both official merchants and supermarkets. The aim of the course is to travel the world and the wine markets.


We taste the wines from all over the world

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