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Infos about face-to-face courses


The WSET Wine Level 3 Diploma will start on November 9; it will take place every Monday afternoon in the new Cinoco facilities in Nivelles.

It will be given in 12 half-days + 1/2 day to prepare for the exam and 1/2 day for the exam.


Scheduled dates:

Mondays 9, 16, 23, 30 November 2020

Mondays 7, 14 December 2020

----- end of year interruption --------

Mondays 11, 18, 25 January 2021

Mondays 1, 8, 22 February 2021

Monday March 1, 2021: Preparation exam

Monday March 8, 2021: Exam



Infos about Online Courses (english only):


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After registration you will receive an e-mail from WSET ® with instructions for logging onto the Online Classroom.

Once logged in, you will receive a course calendar with the weekly subjects, background information to read, activities relevant for each subject, tasting assignments (students have to supply their own samples (*)) and quizzes.

The results of your activities and tasting assignments need to be posted online. You can exchange reactions with the instructor and fellow students online. This interaction is crucial for success in this course.

One or more mock exams form part of the study, depending on the level of the course.

(*) We can provide you with a tasting box adapted to your WSET course at home: Level 1: 6 vinottes - 34 Eur / Level 2: 40 vinottes - 165 Eur (no sparkling wines) / Level 3: 72 vinottes - 270 Eur (no sparkling nor fortified wines))


Each course has a specific start date and exam date, as well as a registration deadline. There is an online course every month. Please register with PathsToWines up to 10 working days before the course start date. The examination takes place at a specified time in one of the Belgian examination sites of PathsToWines. The student can always change the date of the exam, provided that it is within the registration deadline. The exam must take place maximum 1 year after the start of the course.

Attention: Starting the 1st of June, there is the possibility to perform the exam remotely (Remote Invigilation); more info on request.

In which language?
The online guidance is always in English. Study material and exams for online candidates are also in English. The book can be ordered extra in Dutch or French for an additional fee. This info is stated in the separate courses.

It´s the student´s own responsibility to have reliable internet access and to download the necessary software to open PDF files. Many assignments and attachments are posted as PDF files.

WSET® exam?
Please note that the exam is completed in person at one of the PathsToWines premises and not online.

Online course Level 1:

Start: 07/09/20    End: 04/10  Exam: still to plan

Start: 09/11/20    End: 06/12  Exam: still to plan


Online course Level 2:

Start: 10/08/20    Fin: 13/09  Exam: still to plan

Start: 07/09/20    Fin: 11/10  Exam: still to plan

Start: 28/09/20    Fin: 01/11  Exam: still to plan

Start: 19/10/20    Fin: 22/11  Exam: still to plan

Start: 09/11/20    Fin: 13/12  Exam: still to plan

Start: 16/11/20    Fin: 20/12  Exam: still to plan

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