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​The WSET, the first in Wallonia.

PathsToWines is proud to be the first APP (Approved Program Provider) to offer WSET courses in Wallonia, in French or English. We start initially with training in Mons with the objective of extending to other cities later on (Namur, Nivelles,. . . ). We choose appropriate classrooms that meet the strict criteria of the WSET. 



With four progressive levels of study offered through a network of course providers in more than 70 countries and translated into multiple languages, WSET qualifications inspire and empower drinks professionals and enthusiasts.

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In French? In English?

We can provide training in French or English. 
These courses are open to everyone, from all over the world. My personal opinion is that French is naturally the most logical and easy solution, but for those who are considering to "climb the ladder", English is more than recommended from Level 3.
This level is a prerequisite for the Diploma Level 4, which is itself one of the conditions for access if you are aiming for the ultimate consecration, namely the 'Master of Wines', MW, which is only done in English. 
Even from the beginning (Level 1 or 2), I would recommend the course in English for enthusiasts who want to travel (wine tourism is booming and only major domains can afford guides in several languages); 
what could be more pleasant than to be able to talk to a winegrower, whether he is South African or Australian, by being able to elaborate about his wine in English. . . on a trip but also in Belgium during open days or trade fairs. 
For professionals who work internationally, this is self-evident: import/export, international wine fairs, cellar managers, buyers, sommeliers, room managers (large hotel chains, luxury restaurants or in tourist areas). 
Let us not forget also that WSET training courses are recognized throughout the world and that e. g. if you have the Level 3 Diploma  in Wine in English and that you are applying for a position in New Zealand, your future employer will know directly what your level of knowledge is...

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